Find a specific cutting tool

Caleyron Industries

Caleyron Industries has been meeting all these challenges for more than 70 years and it is with these accumulated experiences that these teams are today able to offer each industrial the saw cutter or the circular knife in perfect harmony with its expectations and its needs. Caleyron Industries produces a very wide range of standard cutting tools but its strength also lies in the ability to manufacture custom cutting tools according to the particular project of each customer, each material and each piece configuration to be cut. Over time, this French family-owned company has developed its own know-how and has always been relying on the irreproachable quality of the steels used and the regular quality of its production, as well as on the constant innovation of the methods of production. Nowadays Caleyron Industries is able to support absolutely all the projects of its customers with the help of its numerically controlled machines and in a very short time. These quick responses to custom tooling demands, like custom milling cutters for example, are also possible only because of the high quality raw material stocks that have been tightly controlled for decades and are always available on site.

Special and powerful cutting tools

Everything that needs to be cut, from the hardest steels to the softest fabrics, leather, rubber, glass and all ranges of paper, cardboard and plastic, will find its specific cutting tool in the workshops at the forefront of contemporary technology at Caleyron Industries. Not only the shapes and dimensions of the tools still manufactured exclusively in France correspond to 100% on demand, but their coatings are also studied very closely to avoid as much friction and adhesion of residual cutting chips that risk prematurely using the tool. Again, depending on the material used, the Caleyron specialists will make the best recommendations to their industrial partners in order to optimize tool life and accelerate the cutting process to save not negligible machining time. All of these technical skills present at Caleyron make this company one of the leaders in quality precision tooling on the French market but also widely internationally where its reputation has never failed. It is through a constant technological watch and the company project to constantly move towards new techniques since the beginning of its existence, that Caleyron has become the privileged interlocutor of all the entrepreneurs in search of performance and quality of their tools, but also of a listening and a competent professional advice on which they know to be able to support as soon as they meet a problem of cutting. At Caleyron, they attach great importance to this relationship of trust that has borne and is still bearing fruit in a company on a human scale.