cheverny castle

France has many touristic spots to discover, and sometimes you may feel like you’re lost in the noise. But one you will not regret visiting is located in the Loire region, and is called Cheverny Castle. Built in the 17th century, this French castle offers unforgettable landscapes and well-preserved furniture that you will be able to discover along your visit.


Secrets you need to discover

If this castle has a selection of various activities to offer : a pleasant walk in the thematic gardens, a guided tour of the castle, and even a ride, either with a boat or a car. If you’re planning to come with children, they can play the mystery game, and try to solve it by observing their environment and being careful with they are being told.


But that is not the main appeal of this French castle, if you know Tintin, know that Hergé inspired from Cheverny to imagine the Marlinspike Hall. Meet Captain Hadoque and all of his friends in the Tintin museum. A permanent exhibition welcomes you and lets you visit the comics’ history rooms, such as Tintin’s bedroom, and even see for real the costumes of the different characters.


For the fans of Hergé’s work, this exhibition and visit at the Cheverny Castle in general is an unavoidable destination. It’ll let you dive into the universe of the comics while learning things you may not have been aware of before, and discovering exclusive information about the characters. The global visit of the Tintin Museum lasts from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on your rhythm.


Along with this, there is the Chevalier de Haddoque’s room which you can rent for your various needs. Meetings, parties, whatever you need to organize, you can do it in this room or in one of the three other ones available for renting.